AnimaLabs© is a brand of InovaGen Ltd. focused on DNA testing of inherited diseases and appearance traits, fast and precise identification of infectious diseases and scientific evidence of the pedigree of your pets and domestic animals. These DNA test results are meant to assist professional breeders in planning future breeding, so that the gene structure of their breed is maintained or its quality improved. This offers breeders and pet owners valuable information on the susceptibility of their animals to developing inherited diseases or undesired traits, and can be used for appropriate prevention or treatment.

AnimaLabs© laboratory is a product of our young, expert and dynamic team connected by love of science and animals and concern for their safety, health and wellbeing. Molecular DNA tests are performed in a high tech laboratory using leading edge devices and units with all the methods based on latest scientific research guaranteeing a highly professional, prompt and quality service. AnimaLabs© website offers information on the importance of DNA testing and early identification of gene structure in order to predict trait or disease presentation. Also, check out our advice to help you control breeding of your animals, thus ensuring proper quality for future generations.

Advantages of AnimaLabs DNA genetic tests:

  • early identification of gene structure
  • prediction of trait or disease presentation
  • scientific evidence of the pedigree of your pets and domestic animals
  • advice to help professional breeders control breeding of their animals

Our services in veterinary diagnostics:

  • More than 300 genetic disease tests for dogs and cats
  • More than 100 genetic trait tests for dogs and cats Pedigree DNA tests